Incomer Magazine accepts submissions on a rolling basis; there are no fees for submission. Please double space your work and include a brief cover letter (no more than 400 words).

Immigrants shine here! Incomer Magazine, a grass-roots Portland, Maine publications seeks writers who want shine a light on the truth that immigrants are and always have been the building blocks of this country. We consider rolling submissions for our quarterly issues—focused on Southern, Maine—as well as our annual, national issue. We encourage authors who happen to be immigrant, refugees, women, global majority/people of color, indigenous, lgbq+, of trans experience, poor, border-straddling, disabled, or otherwise under-represented. Our sweet spot is 800-1400 word nonfiction written with passion; we consider work outside of those parameters as well. Bios, issue-based journalism, celebrations of immigrant success—all immigrant/refugee-related work considered. Let’s connect!

Please email: mel@Incomermagazine.com

Reading period: Year-round. We will respond within 12 weeks, often more quickly. After three months, feel free to follow-up with us directly.

Publication schedule: About every 3 months. We try not to accept work more than 12 months ahead; most acceptances go in the next-published issue.

Copyright Information: coming soon!


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