Our Mission

Incomer Magazine is about putting the spotlight on Immigrants who are the pillars of their communities. Incomer is also about the tide of social change that is uplifting anything that is caught in its flow. We’re documenting the rising waters and reexamining the word immigrant to put to print one simple idea: Immigrants have always been at the reigns of the American Dream.

Through the lives of immigrants making social changes, creating jobs, striving against the odds, and finding personal success, we paint a picture that shows the word immigrant in a different light. We’re crunching the numbers and publishing the facts: Immigrants are integral to their communities, their state tax system, and the federal budget overall. Both regionally and nationally we are dedicated to showing the awesome impact that immigrants have on the new world they live in.

On a quarterly basis we put to print the life stories and business ventures of some of the most cutting edge immigrant business people, artists, scholars and activists.