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Maine’s New Settlers Treaty

Maine’s New Settlers Treaty Is in the process of formation! We are filing as a nonprofit and already working with multiple organizations statewide.

One fifth of Maine’s business owners are expected to retire in the next 1-4 years. The problem is, their kids have moved out of state and they’re not coming back. The working class is ailing, and the 3.3% prospects for selling their businesses is bleak.

The solution: Extraordinary business pioneers, Immigrants.

This pilot program will connect five immigrant families from southern Maine with five retiring business owners.


For a span of time measuring 1-3 years, the participating parents will work and train alongside the retiring business owners, learning to run and operate the businesses, with the intention of eventually taking over, the owners passing the companies on to them under the agreed-upon contract terms.

Meanwhile, the kids will integrate into the local public school systems.

Ideally, the commute would be no longer than 20 minutes from the settlement area, where the families will occupy vacant homes and farm elds, rent- and tax-free for the duration of the agreed term length.

Families could decide not to purchase the businesses, leaving after the contracted terms end.

Proposed incentives offered, should families choose to stay on as new business owners:

  • Free two year tuition to any Northern Maine college or university
  • Five years free health insurance effective The date the business is transferred over.

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