About Incomer

Incomer is the brainchild of Layla Kargar, an immigrant businesswoman from Afganistan, Incomer Magazine represents the catharsis of a life of work and struggle.

Our local Southern Maine is a cultural melting pot, and our grassroots magazine reflects the area that it was born and bred in. It’s this fact that drove us to really look into the immigrant community from a fiscal and outreach standpoint and build a publication like no other. We are 12 individuals who want to uncover the truth buried by scathing news coverage and baseless fear. The truth that immigrants are and always have been the building blocks of this country. 

Our Story

Incomer Magazine

Incomer Magazine began when publisher Layla Kargar began to notice some trends concerning her immigrant business owners that were involved in her payment processing company. In terms of employee retention as well as business sale and general growth, the business owners who were immigrants were outstripping the non-immigrant business owners by far. Layla did some research to see if any Maine publications were writing about the trends she was seeing first hand and nothing was being written about the strong ability of first-generation immigrants to run a business. Incomer Magazine was born out of the need to tell the world that immigrants are not a strain on American economics, but in fact, more savvy business-people than the country has seen before.

Meet The Incomer Team

Layla Kargar


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